Hello there!

You might want to know why you’re on a website with advise for traveling in Berlin that is called “metagamer”, right? Well, the answer is actually quiet easy: I’m poor – but that’s fine. I started this page in summer 2018 as a project that was meant to discuss topics all about esport and gaming. Everything was perfect up to the point that I lost my interest in it pretty fast and gave up the project just a few weeks after. What I kept is this page, with no money to change the name. The chance of success is low, the connection of metagamer to tips around Berlin is hard, so it’s up to you to share this page with friends, fellow travelers and spread the love!

Now I want to do something new. Something that lies within my nature. I want to help you to have the best experience when you come visiting Berlin – my hometown. This is the city where I was born and spent my whole life in. I love to meet people and show them the places they might not find themselves. Places apart from typical sights and tourist traps. Places that give you a hint of what it’s like to be a local and live in this amazing city.

Help me out

I want to provide you with the best knowledge I can, but it’s obvious that I can’t be everywhere at the same time. Furthermore I’m within limits in certain ways. I am vegetarian for example but I still want to let you know where to find the best Döner, Currywurst or other dishes that contain meat. So if you have discovered some amazing place that I haven’t mentioned yet and you want to share your experience with fellow travelers, write me a short mail to tellme@metagamer.de.

Above that you might have noticed by now that English is not my native language. I learned English by listening to songs and watching movies. I want to practise and improve. I apologize for any mistakes that I made here on this page. Maybe you can let me know if you find something, so I can correct it.

Who am I? 

My name is Philip, I’m 27  and I was born and raised in Berlin. I’m currently studying Philosophy and German language at the Humboldt University. I’m a filmgeek, bookworm, gamer and traveler. 

Whenever I am blessed with the chance to travel around the world, I love to receive suggestions by locals. It brightens my experience and to hang out with you guys, may you be a local or a traveller, has always been the greatest pleasure. I’m glad about the many friends that I’ve found this way. So with this, I want to give you something back and I hope you will have a great time in the city that grew up in.

I didn’t study tourism, history or any major related to these subjects. Everything that you read here is my personal recommendation as a local. If you find something amazing in Berlin that you miss in my guide, I would be glad if you could let me know. I would add it so that others can experience it as well.

I also love to meet locals while traveling and learn about the cultural diffenrences that we have. If you would like to hang out with me, just send me a message on couchsurfing or twitter.